Sunday, 23 September 2018

Rangers of Shadow Deep

Joseph A Mc Cullough creator of Frostgrave has announced a soon to be published game called Rangers of Shadow Deep. The game uses the same mechanics as its larger cousin and for me it is suitable for solo play, uses a 3x3 or 4x4 table and a team is only 6 to 9 figures.

There is a Facebook page or you can follow on Blogger, `The Renaissance Troll'.

I bought a rather tasty Lord of the Rings Ranger of Ithilien figure from E-bay then a trip to the loft and some old teen-years rpg figures were brought blinking into the 21st Century. A closer examination reveals that some have succumbed to the dreaded lead rot. They were stripped of paint then after a quick  internet search to treat the rot, soaked in white vinegar, then boiled in ionised water. Tomorrow I have to repeat the treatment, some have been saved, others not.
 The happy few

The not so happy few which cannot be saved

My loyal CO3 cleric and a 1998 Ral Partha figure with axe have lost their faces and the champion from Throgs Hobgoblin despoilers detail is very soft, the axe head fell off and I noticed that it is a miscast as part of the axe staff never cast properly.