Saturday, 7 October 2017

Zomtober week 2

My progress for the first two weeks of Zomtober. A late entry from last week
The Shadow, a Reaper Bones figure. On a mission to rid the city of its `bitter fruit'.

 Week two work is a `not' Selene from the Underworld films by Hasslefree Miniatures


  1. Great stuff Phil, I just LOVE those Hasslefree femmes :-)

  2. I found "Reaper Miniatures" sculpt of the Shadow to be a bit of a pain to paint in its "Bones" form. So great work on him and that's a lovely black you've attained on not-Selene too. Did you highlight her at all or is that black straight out of the pot?

    1. The Shadow figure is a bit soft in detail. The face needs some more work as the Army Painter strong tone ink hasn't really deepened the eyes.
      It's quite a plain figure and although my camera phone doesn't show it the trousers were a very deep mix of Vallejo german black green and washed with dark tone.
      I just looked up your Shadow. You've done a great job.
      Selene got some subtle Vallejo German grey highlights. I was going to try some variance with varnish to replicate the differing costume finishes but I decided not to.

  3. I feel your pain Phil, I suffer from late entries quite often myself, as Sunday is generally my miniature painting day. However you have made the deadline this week!
    Cool figures & well done!

  4. Very nicely done Phil - week two and you are back on track. :)